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At this point, you probably already know that switching to a VoIP phone system with UCaaS functionality can save your company a lot of money. What you may not be aware of though, are the many ways that VoIP and UCaaS can also improve the customer experience—resulting in better interactions, and strengthening your image as a consumer-friendly organization. RE-FRESHLY Inc's. and it's partners can show you how in four different ways.  Contact us to learn more.

Desk Computer


Your business is wherever you go; it’s at the office, on your laptop at home, and even on your mobile phone. The ability to communicate on the go and access your critical documents securely is more important than ever. In order to keep up, you need a workspace solution that goes wherever you do. You need a DaaS solution.

RE-FRESHLY Inc's. DaaS (Desktop as a Service), solution provides cloud-optimized virtual apps and desktops, storage, and anywhere, anytime access to your desktop with the device of your choice. DaaS gives you what you need wherever you need it.

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VCaaS, or video conferencing as a service, ensures that businesses of all sizes can discover the benefits of video for themselves. This means tapping into video for better collaboration between team members, and improved training for your remote resources. It can also mean using video as a way to connect with employees and host business-wide webinars for global organizations. 


RE-FRESHLY Inc's. VCaaS (Video Conferencing as a Service) solution  brings benefits like flexibility through interoperability, and automatic updates to the communication and collaboration landscape, so that you can focus more on the conversation. When you have us as partner, handling the back-end of your video strategy, you have more time to concentrate on engaging and supporting your team.

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